We have a vision of a world where fitness is not a duty but a source of pleasure and fulfillment.

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Our commitments to you

We want you to feel confident and secure with Tuby, so these are the commitments you can always expect from us.

High Privacy Standards
We prioritize your privacy and adhere to stringent standards to safeguard your personal information.
We primarily make money from the memberships sold. Earning revenue allows us to offer you a range of improvements to your app
Continuous Innovation
We constantly innovate, blending technology and fitness trends to provide you with exciting experiences that keep you motivated.
Dedicated Support
Our dedicated team of customer support professionals are available to answer your questions

Tuby History

Once upon a time, in the lively world of fitness, there was a brand named Tuby, inspired by the whimsical and energetic tube man. Tuby, the tube man, became the beloved mascot and main character of the brand, accompanying users on their fitness journey.

As users exercised and played with Tuby, they discovered a remarkable transformation—they started to resemble the vibrant tube man, embodying its spirit of joy and enthusiasm. Tuby, the friendly companion, was always there to lend a helping hand and offer support during any struggles, motivating users to push through challenges and embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Together, Tuby and its users created a remarkable tale of transformation, where exercise became a playful adventure guided by the spirit of the tube man.

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How it works

Learn how Tuby works and what happens after your purchase, gaining insights into its functionality and post-purchase benefits.

Our values


Joyful Movement

We believe in the power of joyful movement, transforming exercise into an exciting and immersive experience that sparks delight and inspires you to stay active.



We embrace and celebrate diversity, creating a welcoming environment where everyone, regardless of fitness level or background, can embark on their fitness journey with confidence and support.



We constantly push the boundaries of innovation, leveraging technology and creative ideas to bring you cutting-edge fitness experiences that keep you engaged, motivated, and eager to explore new horizons.



We empower you to take charge of your well-being by providing personalized workouts, guided by our friendly mascot Tuby, and fostering a supportive community that encourages you to unleash your full potential and achieve your goals.

Our team

Our team at Tuby is a passionate and dynamic group of fitness enthusiasts, technologists, and creatives. We are united by our shared vision of revolutionizing fitness and our commitment to making exercise enjoyable and accessible to all.

With diverse expertise and a collaborative spirit, we work tirelessly to bring you innovative experiences that inspire positive transformations and help you embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier life.

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